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Are Any Of These Business Dynamics Driving You To The Cloud?

Certain business dynamics are custom-made for cloud-based communication solutions. If you want to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time delivering an impeccable customer experience that will propel sales and lower costs, it’s time to consider the cloud. Step back and take a fresh look at the forces affecting your business.

Rapid Growth.png

1 | Rapid Growth


Businesses expanding at warp speed need solutions that can be implemented just as fast. The cloud provides quick and easy software upgrades with the inherent scalability needed to support growth. Plus, cloud solutions offer greater flexibility for integrations with other technologies you may already be using and the ability to more readily adapt processes in the future.


Multiple Locations.png

2 | Multiple Locations

You may have staff in multiple locations, but you need a single solution that supports remote workforces or work-from-home employees without becoming a major administrative undertaking for your IT staff. A cloud solution can easily be deployed regionally to globally, while also creating a more consistent experience for both your staff and your customers.


Mobile Workforce.png

3 | Mobile Workforce

If you have a substantial number of people who are in the field, on the road or just not at their desks, cloud-based technologies and mobile apps make data easily accessible wherever they are. The cloud also makes it easy for your administrators or IT staff to remotely manage equipment to ensure remote employees have the tools they need to get the job done


Seasonal.png4 | Seasonal Business

Companies that employ seasonal staff or that deal with dramatic call volume fluctuations are often forced to buy extra licenses and equipment upfront to support growth spurts. Not so with most cloud communications solutions, which allow you to operate on an operating expense (OpEx) model versus a capital expenditure (CapEx) model. Typically, phone services and call center software seats are licensed on-demand, affording you the ability to easily scale when you need to and save big when you don’t.


Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs).png5 | Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Unlike the big boys, most smaller organisations can’t afford to maintain their own enterprise-level network security and redundancy, and may not have the necessary staff to do so. BUT, as an SMB, you still need to compete and can’t afford to put your operation at risk. With a cloud-based software solution, SMBs can share the costs of sophisticated infrastructures and strict security measures with other cloud clients, gaining enterprise-class features without the need to manage staff or equipment.


Dynamic Regulatory Environment.png6 | Dynamic Regulatory Environment

If you operate in an industry that demands compliance to specific regulatory standards, software deployment via the cloud can make it easier to keep up with changes. Finding a provider that supports and stays current with your compliance requirements can take the stress off of your internal resources while ensuring conformity if you have multiple locations.


Non-Profit.png7 | Non-Profit

Managing limited budgets, limited infrastructure resources and limited staff (often without the luxury of dedicated IT or security staff) is no easy task. The cloud can help non-profits face these issues head on by lowering the total cost of ownership for technologies, providing easier administration and very minimal ongoing maintenance. You’ll also see the additional benefits of easier accessibility for staff and volunteers, as well as solutions that can provide better ways to connect with donors and other important constituents.


Outdated Equipment.png8 | Outdated Equipment

Whether it’s due to lack of functionality, a contract termination or a manufacturer that no longer supports your hardware, if your on-premise equipment is ready for an upgrade, there’s no better time to consider moving your communications to the cloud. Consider your goals and where your business is headed to see if the flexibility and cost structure offered by cloud communications are a good fit before sinking thousands into new on-site equipment.


The Need to See the Big Picture.png9 | The Need to See the Big Picture

Today’s executives must understand the breadth and depth of their business operations, as well as the minuscule details of each customer’s unique needs or a given sales rep’s performance. Cloud architectures that support multi-tenancy or integrations with CRM platforms make it easy to combine and sift through data at individual or aggregate levels, providing valuable reporting capabilities and new insights.


Dissatisfaction.png10 | Dissatisfaction

You or those around you (e.g., your staff, your supervisor, your CEO!) just aren’t happy with the performance, functionality or return on investment of your current system. If you’re hearing more complaints than compliments these days, take a critical look at what you’re trying to accomplish. Many cloud-based solutions offer greater customisation opportunities to help you meet the distinct needs of your business.



Chances are, you saw your organisation in one or more of the above scenarios. If so, it’s time to take a look at your current technology and see if it’s delivering the results and productivity you need. The truth is, with the rate of change today’s businesses face — combined with the need to control costs and deliver a flawless customer experience — any organisation can benefit by moving to the cloud.






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