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Stressed woman carrying on her back shoulders large boxDealing with a business premises move can be stressful. In fact there’s even more to think about than there is for the standard house-move. If you’ve been tasked with organising the telecoms for when your business moves premises, why not consider a Cloud solution? Cranberry can offer solutions from the leaders in Cloud communications - Mitel with their MiCloud solution and 8x8 with the X Editions UC and Contact Centre solutions. There are many benefits in choosing one of these solutions – here are 8 advantages of a cloud phone system specific to moving premises.

1. Keep Existing Phone Numbers

One of the big concerns that many businesses have when they move premises is whether they’ll be able to retain their telephone numbers. With traditional telephone lines, it depended on whether you were moving within the same unit and cluster on your local exchange – so unless you were moving just down the road the chances are this wouldn’t have been an option. With a Cloud solution, you simply port your telephone numbers to the Cloud, so wherever your business resides, you can take them with you.

2. No Lengthy Line Installation Leadtime

Another benefit is that you won’t need to wait the 20 or 30 working-day lead times for the trunks to be installed as you would have done with ISDN lines. The move date is much more in your hands.

3. No ISDN Line Installation Costs

In addition to this you won’t be paying the hefty installation fees for ISDN. Most Cloud solutions simply allow you to pay a monthly rental for all of your services.

4. Speedy Installation

One of the huge benefits of a Cloud solution is the speed in which it can be installed. Any premises move can be unpredictable and often you don’t get confirmation of move dates until it’s already fast approaching. This is not a problem with a Cloud phone system. Even if your move date is too close for the number port to be processed, you can work on dummy numbers and divert your calls from your old lines until the numbers are moved across. All you need to have in place is your data network and the Internet circuit you’ll be using for the voice calls. 

If you plan to relocate your IT Equipment when you are moving - take a look at this article if you plan to relocate your IT equipment to the new premises.

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5. Mobility

Another bonus for move-day is the option to use the Mobility feature. Move-day is always hectic but you don’t even need to have unpacked your desk phones to be able to take calls. Set up Mobility on your Smartphone and your clients won’t even know the difference!

6. Flexibility

In fact, it’s so flexible that if your move date is in the future, you could actually consider having the Cloud phone system installed at your current premises in the meantime. Your staff will have time to get used to the new solution and then on move day, you simply take your phones with you and plug them in at the new site. How stress-free is that? Far better than introducing something new on move-in day when everyone’s far too busy to take on board the training provided. Organise a refresher training session a few weeks after move day and everyone will be happy!

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7. No Large Upfront Costs

And to keep your Finance Director happy, you can have a new Cloud phone system with no large outlay for telephony equipment. Most Cloud solutions are paid for monthly or quarterly and you simply rent the phones and licences that you need.

8. Scalable

There’s a good chance you’re moving premises because your business is growing. This is no problem at all with a Cloud phone system. Rent the phones you need now and when you need more, simply add them on. Cloud telephony is really easily scalable and you can even choose which features individuals need.

With all these great benefits, a Cloud phone system is a no-brainer! 

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