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4 Awesome Reasons to pick the Unify OpenScape Business above the rest

[fa icon="calendar"] 16/1/2015 / by Sally Morgan


UNIFY OpenScape Business

You’re looking for a new telephone system and you’ve had all the brochures and seen the demos. After a while they all start to roll into one and it’s hard to decide why you should go for one system over another. Why choose Unify OpenScape Business? If this is one of the systems on your list (and it should be), here are a few reasons you should choose it!

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1 - Expandability

The system can grow with your business. You may only have 10 members of staff now, but if you suddenly expand to 100 users in the next year the system can cope with this. Extensions are licenced so if you want to add one more IP user, you simply need to add one more licence and purchase a phone. If your business urgently needs more outgoing lines, SIP trunks can be added with no additional system hardware requirements.

2 - Unified Communications

Not only does the OpenScape Business offer UC, but you have a choice of software clients to offer your users. For example myAttendant for a reception-type user, Outlook Plugin for those who prefer to have their software integrated or myPortal for Mobile or Tablet for those who are out and about.


The system also offers Multimedia Contact Center with Reporting. You don’t need a separate server or piece of hardware for this – it’s simply licenced depending on your requirements. This may not be an immediate requirement for your business, but isn’t it good to know that you can add it when you need to?

3 - Flexibility

Unify understands that not all of its customers are ready for full IP. Lots of businesses still have old-fashioned 4 pair cabling rather than CAT5 or CAT6e. If this is the case, the OpenScape Business system can still handle IP, digital and analogue extensions – unlike many of its competitors. No need to spend unnecessary cash having the office re-cabled.

4 - System management

Gone are the days when you had to call your system maintainer every single time you wanted a name changing on the system. With OpenScape Business you can simply browse to the system from any PC on the network and make the changes yourself. And it’s not complicated either! An hours training session will show you all the tweaks and changes you are likely to need at customer level. 

The OpenScape Business system is feature-rich with a variety of software client options to suit all your staff’s needs. It’s expandable for when you need it to be with a customer-friendly programming interface, but can also deal with a mixture of IP, digital and analogue extensions no problem.

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Sally Morgan

Written by Sally Morgan

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