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4 Ways to make Hot-desking a Hit in your Office

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/6/2016 / by Sally Morgan

With space at a premium for many businesses, hot-desking is the ideal solution. Hot-desking isn’t a new thing – workers have been doing it for around 20 years, although the possibilities nowadays are endless due to Unified Communications and VoIP.

According to www.flexibility.co.uk, the term “hot-desking” derives from the nautical practice of “hot-bunking”. After a shift, a sailor would jump into a “hot bunk” which had just been vacated by somebody else. Thankfully times have changed! In addition to saving space, hot-desking saves companies money, allows employees to integrate into different departments and improves efficiency.  If hot-desking is done well, staff will not feel isolated or under-valued due to the lack of a personal desk. There are a few different ways of achieving this…


#1- Hot-Desking Basics

Most telephone systems now offer the option to allow users to hot-desk. This is where a handset is not assigned to a particular user, but individuals can log onto it when they need to. Once they’re logged on, the phone becomes their own – their own calls are delivered to them, they have their own personalised buttons and their own voice mailbox. At the end of the day, they log out of the handset, leaving it available for somebody else to log into tomorrow. ShoreTel Connect lends itself to this really well, with users having the ability to log onto a handset using the voicemail facility. Simply access the voicemail, log into your account and enter 7 3 1 on the keypad. If the person using the phone before you has forgotten to log out, this isn’t a problem – you can simply log in over the top.

Download ShoreTel Connect Brochure


#2 - ShoreTel Mobility

Another great way to get staff working flexibly and not tied to one desk is ShoreTel’s Mobility feature. Mobility enables staff to use their own Smartphones for business purposes. The benefits of this are unlimited. Staff are familiar with their own phones, and carry them everywhere so it doesn’t matter if they’re in the server room or the kitchen, calls will reach them. The business pays for the calls because they are routed via the telephone system and the user gets all the features of the system on their own phone. Amazingly this isn’t just limited to when you’re in the office – if you need to go out, even while you’re on a call, you can continue your conversation seamlessly, whatever mobile phone network you’re on.


#3 - ShoreTel Apple Dock

Another nifty option for employees who are not desk-bound is the ShoreTel Dock. This great device charges your iPad or iPhone while allowing you to make calls via the telephone system. There’s an articulating arm that lets you choose between landscape or portrait, making browsing easier if required. You get all the benefits of the ShoreTel IP phone range – ergonomic design, high-quality audio and headset support. Alongside this, you get the fantastic ShoreTel Unified Communications features such as instant messaging, web conferencing and directories. This amazing device is revolutionising the way we communicate.

Download Dock Brochure

#4 - Softphone for Mac or PC

And if those options didn’t hit the spot, users could opt for a Softphone. Particularly if funds are tight, this is an ideal solution. Most employees who would be candidates for hot-desking would use a laptop so a Softphone would free up valuable desk space and reduce the need for additional devices. The user gets all the benefits of the system by utilising the Client and the business simply needs to assign them a Softphone licence. One thing to remember is that a decent headset and microphone is recommended to avoid any voice quality issues.

So with all these possibilities available, today's hot-desker is spoilt for choice! Contact us today for more information.


Sally Morgan

Written by Sally Morgan

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