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4 Remarkable Ways Your business WILL Benefit from a Cloud Phone System

[fa icon="calendar"] 23/4/2016 / by Sally Morgan

Choosing a new telephone system can be a bit of a minefield! When comparing Cloud based telephone systems against onsite deployments, you’ll find various pros and cons for both. If you’ve never considered a cloud based telephone system before, here are a few reasons it could be the right choice for your business!


Over 4 million people regularly work from home, and this number is increasing year on year. Technology has made this really easy. With a cloud based system such as 8x8’s Virtual Office, a homeworker can receive their calls to their home landline or mobile device or they can be provided with a deskphone to connect to an Ethernet connection. This way they get all the features of the telephone system whilst away from the office. If desk space is at a premium at home, why not use a softphone on your laptop?


Hotdesking can cut the costs of running an office by up to 30%. Many workers only need to use a desk while they pop into the office between appointments, so why use up valuable workspace when a more flexible approach can be used. A cloud based system makes hotdesking really simple – wherever the user goes, they take their extension number with them, even if they’re working in another office. No more ringing round trying to find out what extension Bob is on today – he’s on his own extension number and easily contactable. Time to think outside the box when planning your new system.


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Everyone knows how disruptive moving can be. When the time comes for your business to move to pastures new, a cloud based phone system takes the hassle out of moving. With very little down-time, the phones can simply be picked up and plugged in at the new location. Businesses can keep their existing telephone numbers without the pain of lengthy lead-times on line installations. And if the move is due to expansion, adding extra users is really simple. . Download our Office Move Checklist




One of the great things about a cloud based telephone system is that you can have a new system NOW without that initial outlay. With 8x8’s Virtual Office for example you’ll pay a monthly fee rather than purchasing a system outright. Pay for the number of users and the features you want right now, and if your business expands in 6 months’ time, add new handsets as and when you need them. And if you decide to open an office 300 miles up the road from your existing site, this is no problem either.

So if your business is forward-thinking and keen to embrace the flexibility a cloud based telephone system can offer, get in touch with us today.

Schedule your personal online cloud phone system demo right here:

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Sally Morgan

Written by Sally Morgan

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