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What is Unified Communications

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/9/2016 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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Exerts from the ShoreTel White Paper - Demystifying Unified Communications

How IP Telephony Systems Enable Businesses To Leverage Fully The Power Of UC



As IP telephony is moving ahead with enormous momentum, most users are still waiting for full convergence and voice-enabled applications. Increased network efficiencies have been the primary benefit of IP telephony to date as enterprises struggle with infrastructure and organizational issues. These first-generation benefits have been considerable, but the focus is now shifting to converged applications, with the initial spotlight on unified communications (UC).

25 Business Phone System Features Your Business Can’t Afford To Do Without

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/9/2016 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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What you Need to Cut Costs, Satisfy Your Customers and Expand Your Business

When it comes to deciding which business phone system features you absolutely, positively, must have these days, there’s good news and bad news.

Bad news: Your customers probably won’t tolerate outdated technology for long

Introduction to Unified Communications - the Unify Way!

[fa icon="calendar'] 22/7/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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IP Telephony Pedigree

Unify are really good at making IP Phone systems - and they've been doing it since 2003 - which was 4 years before the Apple iPhone was launched.

The Unify OpenScape Business phone system is such an awesome piece of technology - specifically designed for the small and medium sized business, scaling from 8 to 500 users. Not only does it combine digital, IP and analogue connectivity it also delivers the market leading Unified Communications suite specifically designed and tailored for the SME business user.

The system is cutting edge - but it has not forgotten the traditional stalworts like DECT cordless phones, analogue handsets and paging.

7 Awesome Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

[fa icon="calendar'] 16/7/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Cloud Communications

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Take a minute to check out some of the benefits of moving to a VoIP Phone System. 

There is a lot of discussion currently about putting everything in the Cloud. You may already have moved some of your servers and applications to the cloud already. Your phone system should be next on the list for the following 7 awesome reasons:

320Mbps without the expense of Fibre - EtherStream V is Here!

[fa icon="calendar'] 10/7/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Latest News

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If your business needs robust, high-capacity connectivity without the expense of fibre, EtherStream V is ideal.

Offering downstream speeds of up to 160Mbps or up to 320Mbps, it provides high performance and resilience at an affordable cost.

How does it benefit my business?

Many organisations are fighting to get more out of smaller budgets. At the same time, taking advantage of internet apps and Cloud-based services is key to staying competitive, but these technologies need robust, high-speed connections. With EtherStream V, you get the bandwidth and reliability you need without the cost of fibre lines.

How does it work?

Hosted Phone System vs On-Premise Phone System – Which Way to Go?.

[fa icon="calendar'] 2/6/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems, Cloud Communications

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Which is best for your Business?

Buying a new business phone system can be a daunting task……

......one of the most crucial decisions to be made is whether a Cloud PBX or an On-Premise Solution is the way to go. There isn’t a right or wrong answer as the pros and cons for each option means that what works for Business A wouldn’t necessarily work for Business B.

It is your choice and educating yourself at the initial stage of your research will ensure your business needs are met and you get the greatest value for your investment.

13 Surprising Benefits About Cloud Phone Systems and more

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/6/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Cloud Communications

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Thinking of buying a new business telephone system and not sure whether to go for a cloud solution? This blog post gives an insight in to cloud telephony solutions.

A Hosted or Cloud Business Telephone System is accessible via an IP network and uses the internet to make and receive calls. All the hardware, software, training, maintenance and software updates are managed by the cloud VoIP system provider, unlike a traditional on premise phone system or PBX (Private Branch Exchange), which requires a large initial capital investment with ongoing maintenance costs and training of staff is required for moves and changes.

Business Telephone Systems: Why go for a Digital Solution?

[fa icon="calendar'] 7/5/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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If you were looking to purchase a new phone system 15 or 20 years ago, the likelihood is that you would have been looking at digital business telephone systems. While IP and Hosted telephony have become far more popular, digital systems are still available and have their purpose.


What is a digital system?

10 Reasons why it's time to go ShoreTel for your Business Phone System

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/4/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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Brilliantly Simple Communications

Designed from the ground up to simplify administration and delight business phone system users.

ShoreTel Business Telephone Systems eliminate IT complexity and help workers be more self-reliant and productive. 

Got a minute?

Here are the Top 10 reasons why now's the time to go ShoreTel.

Do you know the 4 Types of Business Telephone System?

[fa icon="calendar'] 20/4/2015 / by Mark Nelson posted in Business Telephone Systems

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Information Technology (IT) can be a minefield at times for a layperson business user. Business Telephone Systems and Communications in general are no different. This technology can be full of acronyms, different ways of working, fads and new gadgets.

This article is designed to help if you are looking to find out more about the different types of business phone systems that are available today and more importantly trying to understand the associated features or architecture to see which is the best fit for your business.

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