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How to Successfully Move Office - Case Study

[fa icon="calendar'] 22/5/2017 / by Sally Morgan posted in Moving Offices

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An office move is never much fun, so when you’ve got two sites to relocate, it can be double the stress. We recently assisted a client of ours with moving both of their two companies to new premises – here’s their story:

Back in 2013 we installed a ShoreTel IP Phone System for Open Reality and Brightcloud. The server was situated in a data centre, with ShoreGear Switches at both sites and a ShoreTel Mobility router in place at the Abingdon site. At the time of installation, both sites had ISDN30e, but Abingdon made the switch to SIP trunks shortly afterwards with the implementation of a Ubigate device which effectively converts SIP trunks to ISDN30e as far as the telephone system is concerned.

Slow Internet & How to Fix It

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/9/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Latest News

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One of the most common issues clients want to talk to us about is their slow internet connection. A slow connection can be painful for employees trying to carry out their tasks. Even worse, it can be embarrassing if your customers are relying on you to send them data or process their requests. With the business world gradually moving into the cloud, is your connection up to it, and if not, what can you do about it?

Unify OpenScape Business Instant Messaging (Chat)

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/7/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Latest News, Business Telephone Systems

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The OpenScape Business myPortal client has a great deal of features to benefit users whilst on a call, for finding historical call information and scheduling future calls. One of the aspects that is often overlooked is the Instant Messaging feature. Many Unified Communications offerings don’t support Instant Messaging or require an additional server.

With OpenScape Business, it’s all part of the UC Suite of applications:

OpenScape Business IP35G & IP55G IP Handsets with Gigabit & HD Voice

[fa icon="calendar'] 30/7/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Business Telephone Systems

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Vibrant communication at the desktop with user-friendly, multifunctional and economical IP telephones.

The IP 55G and IP 35G handsets are the latest offering from Unify for the OpenScape Business system. Available as both HFA and SIP variants, these handsets are all you need to keep a wide variety of different types of users happy.

Unify IP 55G Handset

5 signs it's time to upgrade your phone system

[fa icon="calendar'] 23/7/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Business Telephone Systems

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With technology changing at a rapid pace, it’s hard to know when exactly is the right time to move on and upgrade your business telephone system. Whereas companies used to hang on to their old telephone systems for over a decade, this is no longer the case. With software and licencing taking over from physical hardware and cables, it’s now easy to expand and grow your business with great features which ten years ago, you could only dream of.


If you’re still hanging on to that old PBX, perhaps now is the time to move on. Here are 5 signs your business is ready…

4 Ways to make Hot-desking a Hit in your Office

[fa icon="calendar'] 4/6/2016 / by Sally Morgan

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With space at a premium for many businesses, hot-desking is the ideal solution. Hot-desking isn’t a new thing – workers have been doing it for around 20 years, although the possibilities nowadays are endless due to Unified Communications and VoIP.

According to www.flexibility.co.uk, the term “hot-desking” derives from the nautical practice of “hot-bunking”. After a shift, a sailor would jump into a “hot bunk” which had just been vacated by somebody else. Thankfully times have changed! In addition to saving space, hot-desking saves companies money, allows employees to integrate into different departments and improves efficiency.  If hot-desking is done well, staff will not feel isolated or under-valued due to the lack of a personal desk. There are a few different ways of achieving this…


#1- Hot-Desking Basics

8x8 named UCaaS leaders for third time in a row!

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/5/2016 / by Sally Morgan

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The industry research firm IHS have placed 8x8 at the top of their list of UCaaS providers for the third time. IHS are the leading source of insight, analytics and expertise in areas that are critical in shaping the business landscape. Businesses in over 140 countries rely on their expert analysis to make purchasing decisions, so this is fantastic news for 8x8.

ShoreTel Connect receives 2016 Product of the Year Award

[fa icon="calendar'] 5/5/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Business Telephone Systems

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The ShoreTel Connect Unified Communications solution has received the 2016 UC product of the year award, as named by TMC. TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) were founded in 1972 and are the world’s leading business-to business and integrated marketing media company. They help global buyers make business decisions when it comes to communications and technology. So they know their stuff!

4 Remarkable Ways Your business WILL Benefit from a Cloud Phone System

[fa icon="calendar'] 23/4/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Cloud Communications

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Choosing a new telephone system can be a bit of a minefield! When comparing Cloud based telephone systems against onsite deployments, you’ll find various pros and cons for both. If you’ve never considered a cloud based telephone system before, here are a few reasons it could be the right choice for your business!


Over 4 million people regularly work from home, and this number is increasing year on year. Technology has made this really easy. With a cloud based system such as 8x8’s Virtual Office, a homeworker can receive their calls to their home landline or mobile device or they can be provided with a deskphone to connect to an Ethernet connection. This way they get all the features of the telephone system whilst away from the office. If desk space is at a premium at home, why not use a softphone on your laptop?


Hotdesking can cut the costs of running an office by up to 30%. Many workers only need to use a desk while they pop into the office between appointments, so why use up valuable workspace when a more flexible approach can be used. A cloud based system makes hotdesking really simple – wherever the user goes, they take their extension number with them, even if they’re working in another office. No more ringing round trying to find out what extension Bob is on today – he’s on his own extension number and easily contactable. Time to think outside the box when planning your new system.


8x8 Scoop the Magic Quadrant Leader Title for the 4th Year in a Row!

[fa icon="calendar'] 21/3/2016 / by Sally Morgan posted in Business Telephone Systems, Cloud Communications

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It’s recently been announced that 8x8 are a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, for the fourth year in a row. This was a comparison of 20 UCaaS providers (Unified Communication as a Service).

 If you'd like to know more about UCaaS, read our blog post.What does this mean, and what makes 8x8 so special?

Gartner are a US based firm, founded in 1979. They are the world’s leading research and advisory company when it comes to information technology.  They help their clients to make informed decisions about their IT needs.

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