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Making programming changes on Unify OpenScape Business

[fa icon="calendar"] 11/2/2015 / by Sally Morgan

One of the many benefits of the Unify OpenScape Business system is that it’s easy to configure. With a brief training session you can change names, add users to groups and amend call handling. So you don’t need to incur costs by asking your system maintainer to do these for you.

Here are some instructions for the basics:

Getting started

You will need to open a browser on your PC and browse to the system OpenScape Business address – eg. – don’t forget the https as it’s a secure connection. You will need to ensure you are using an up to date browser or you won’t be able to log in.

Enter the username and password provided to you by your system Administrator.


 There are two areas of the system you can make changes – Setup for quick changes and Expert mode if you need to drill down a bit more. The Setup section consists of a series of wizards that guide you through the programming, so is ideal for those new to system programming.

Making name changes

The most common change you’re likely to need to make is name changes where one member of staff has left, and another has joined you.

Go to the Setup section, choose Telephones/Subscribers and select the type of extension you wish to change – eg. IP Telephones or UP0 Telephones (digital). A new screen will appear showing 10 extensions at a time (use the navigation at the bottom to move to the next 10. Or click on eg. Callno or Name to sort into alphabetical/numerical order).  Name_change

Simply find the name you wish to change, type in the new name and select Save Data at the bottom of the screen.

You can also change a user’s DDI here using the DID column. Only the last 6 digits (eg 666111) need to be entered.

Making ring/hunt group changes

In Setup, go to User Telephony then choose Group Call / Hunt Group. A list of your groups will appear. Choose the group you wish to make amendments to by pressing the Edit button next to it.

Remove a user by selecting the Delete button next to their name. Or add a new member by going into the drop-down list next to Add and choosing the user you want to add to the group. Once complete, click on Save Data at the bottom of the screen.

Making changes to Pickup groups

In Setup, go to User Telephony and click on Edit next to Call Pickup. The Pickup groups will be listed. To amend one, click on Edit next to the group you wish to change.


All users will be listed along with their group membership on the right hand side. Simply tick those you wish to be added to this group. PLEASE NOTE, a user can only be a member of one Pickup group, so if they are already a member of a different group, you will need to edit that group first and un-tick that user before adding them to the new group.

Always remember, when making programming changes to the OpenScape Business telephone system this is LIVE, so as soon as you’ve pressed Save, the changes have been made.

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Topics: System Administration

Sally Morgan

Written by Sally Morgan

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