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OpenScape Business IP35G & IP55G IP Handsets with Gigabit & HD Voice

[fa icon="calendar"] 30/7/2016 / by Sally Morgan

Vibrant communication at the desktop with user-friendly, multifunctional and economical IP telephones.

The IP 55G and IP 35G handsets are the latest offering from Unify for the OpenScape Business system. Available as both HFA and SIP variants, these handsets are all you need to keep a wide variety of different types of users happy.

D9741_OpenScape_IP55G_persp-1-044683-edited.jpgUnify IP 55G Handset



Unify IP 35G Handset


Unify IP 55G

Designed for top-level Managers and Executives, the IP 55G will also look fantastic on your Reception desk. It’s a great quality design, made from premium materials. But other than looking great, what else does it offer?

The handset is tilt-adjustable in 4 positions, so you can choose an angle that’s most comfortable for you. There’s also a wall-mount kit available so it’s suitable in all kinds of working environments. The display itself is QVGA with 8 lines and measures 5.7 inches, so users get the maximum amount of information available whilst on a call.

There are 14 fixed function keys for all the most common used features, such as Hold, Transfer, forwarding calls and conferencing as well as the audio features allowing you to mute a caller or put them on loud-speaker. If all that doesn’t give you everything you need, there are also 8 programmable keys – for example if you want to use specific features or programme buttons as speedials for internal or external contacts. These buttons are LED so for internal contacts you will be able to see if your colleague is on a call. Finally there are 4 softkeys for easy navigation through the menu. Softkeys are dynamic, so their function depends on the scenario – whether you’re on a call or the handset is idle for example.640px-overview_OSDP55G_en.jpg



Finally, there’s a headset jack as well as a USB port for Videophone. If the user is a Receptionist, you can also add on a Key Module so that they can easily dial any user and see at a glance who is already on a call.


Unify IP 35G

The IP 35G is a lower-level handset with a sleek design, making it first choice for standard users. It may be smaller than the IP 55G but it certainly doesn’t lack in features.

Unlike some of the previous lower-level handsets offered by Unify, it’s tilt-adjustable with 4 different positions. Even better – it’s wall-mountable with no requirement for additional equipment so it could be used in any part of your building. The display is monochrome, and offers 2-lines, 34 characters.619px-overview_OSDP35G_en.jpg

There are 10 fixed feature keys for functions such as Transfer, Hold, Conference and the audio options. There’s a 4 way menu key, allowing you to navigate through the easy-to-use menu. In addition there are 3 programmable keys for those features you want to access quickly, or for adding speedial buttons for important internal users, or even the wife.

One of the great features of this handset is the fact that it offers full-duplex speakerphone and also a headset jack. Many of the alternative phones on the market don’t offer this functionality at this level. The IP 35G really doesn’t disappoint.


Both models in the range offer AudioPresenceHD® which provides best-in-class acoustics whether you’re using the receiver or the speakerphone. Voice quality is superior, with calls sounding crisp and accurate due to echo cancellation.


It may not be the first thing you have in mind when choosing a new phone system, but having a consideration for the environment is very important. However this isn’t something you need to worry about with the OpenScape Business IP 55G and IP35G handsets. Unify have been awarded with the European Blauer Engel environmental certificate.

The benefits of this include high energy efficiency, an environmentally-friendly recycling concept and an assurance that products do not contain material that is harmful to the environment. Unify work in accordance with ISO 14001.Unify is the first VoIP phone manufacturer to fulfil the high standards of the Blauer Engel.


The IP 55G and IP 35G handsets are user-friendly with great functionality. They are customizable by the user and offer the best possible sound quality. All in all a fantastic choice for any business.

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Sally Morgan

Written by Sally Morgan

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