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Why Collaboration Has Become Critical to Business

[fa icon="calendar"] 19/1/2015 / by Mark Nelson


The Business Value of Collaboration & How to Make it Work

New research shows that beyond a nice ROI for technology and services, collaboration has clear correlations to business performance.

The Business Value

Collaboration has a direct correlation to growth, market share and profit. It’s also vital to the new generation of customers and employees.

Making Collaboration Work 

Good technology is only part of the solution. To get the return on investment, collaboration technology needs to be integrated, mobile, secure, scalable and – perhaps most important of all – embraced by users.

Being There … Now
Don’t let an old communications infrastructure delay your growth.

It would be easy to assume that if you get your hands on voice, web and video conferencing technology, you’ve got everything covered.

But that is not reality.

New research shows us the criticality integrating communications with commonly used business tools. And user adoption is vital to ROI. The irrepressible push of new consumer devices and social media into business can bring challenges of policy management and security.

And simply keeping IT skills current with such a wide field of technologies, each in the midst of its own rapid innovation cycle, can be a strain.

Researchers at McKinsey & Company began studying the business impact of new social media and collaboration technologies and found out that: 

"Organisations that use collaborative technologies to connect their employees to customers, partners and suppliers gained greater market share and enjoyed higher profit margins"

What are the Must Haves?

  • Voice Conferencing –shed external service bureaus and start saving
  • Web Conferencing – meet online more securely and reduce wasted time traveling
  • Video Conferencing – improve team building and rapport with high quality video
  • Rich presence and IM – move business forward by having real-time access to people and information
  • Social Media Integration – integrate your communications with social apps like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach a broader audience and establish brand loyalty


The right technology matters, but the technology alone will not optimize the business outcomes. Integration, mobility, scalability, security and user support are vital factors to ensuring the performance and savings of Unified Communication solutions.


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Mark Nelson

Written by Mark Nelson

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