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KMI_Brands_HeaderKMI Brands have been creating, developing and marketing award winning beauty brands for over 25 years. They wanted to expand their team and move to a new premises in Central London, more in keeping with their high-end products. 

Part of this move involved looking at their telephony. They needed to be able to transfer calls within the business more efficiently. Historically KMI Brands had relied on mobiles but this caused issues when people moved on or mobile phones were lost or damaged.

KMI Brands discussed their needs with Cranberry and a plan was quickly put in place.

They chose the 8x8 X series solution, and agreed to a staggered installation to allow staff to get used to the new equipment and software before the move.

Now, the KMI Brands team can work more effectively from anywhere - any desk in the office, from home or on the road. Communication has improved dramatically.

Video conferencing and instant messaging have helped their business. Staff can chat online rather than emailing, allowing for more personal contact. KMI Brands can talk to their brands such as Ted Baker as well we colleagues in New York on large HD screens using 8x8's Video Conferencing facility.

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Since the move, KMI Brands have increased their staff by almost 50% . However the 8x8 Solution has meant costs have actually been reduced, with legacy costs being cut and mobile contracts being dramatically reduced.

KMI Brands were happy with the phased installation and quality training Cranberry provided and feel they now have a solution which offers complete business continuity.

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