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zSuSb3xW_400x400Dragon2000 supplies award-winning dealer management IT systems, websites and mobile apps for the motor trade. Established in 1995 in Northamptonshire, the company’s software is used by more than 1,000 of the UK’s top dealerships, car supermarkets, used car specialists and independent workshops. www.dragon2000.co.uk


Dragon2000 has always used LogMeIn Rescue to provide its customer IT support services, including screen-sharing. In the past five years, its sales teams have also been using GoToMeeting from LogMeIn to deliver high-quality customer presentations and product demonstrations.

Mark Kelland, Commercial Manager at Dragon2000, says: “We realized that our phone system did not give us the flexibility we needed, particularly when handling calls for staff who were off-site. We also saw that Covid-19 could mean more of our developers working away from our premises, so we needed a modern phone system that could route calls off-site, and allow staff to make calls through the business from any location or phone.”

While he was researching the options for a new phone system, Mark received a timely call from LogMeIn to introduce the benefits of its cloud-based phone product, GoToConnect.

Mark says: “The GoToConnect proposition initially sounded too good to be true. It was such a comprehensive offer, incorporating VOIP phones and calling, plus all the videoconferencing and remote meeting functionality we were using via GoToMeeting – all for an uncomplicated monthly price.”

The benefit of the cloud-based GoToConnect model is that there are no up-front capital costs to pay for phones or hardware. Instead, there is a single monthly fee per user, which covers all of the capabilities within GoToConnect and GoToMeeting, plus a generous call allowance.

Once Dragon2000 made the decision to switch to GoToConnect, LogMeIn had the system up and running a week later. Trusted LogMeIn partner, Cranberry – a specialist in cloud phone systems – was assigned to Dragon2000 to provide ongoing support to help it optimize the benefits of the new system.

Mark says: “The major benefit for us is that every member of staff can now work live on our phone network, wherever they are. That means they can be contacted by customers and make outgoing calls on their mobiles, all within our network. Everything can be recorded too, and we get live reporting so we can see how many calls are going through at any time. That’s something no alternative system could offer.”

By having the two GoTo products in one package, Dragon2000 has a single point of access to all meeting and calling capabilities. It means staff have the full suite of communication tools at their fingertips, and can switch easily between phone and video calls.

Mark adds: “We’ve always prided ourselves on our customer service. We like to deal with calls as they come in, and not leave customers waiting for a resolution. With our new phone system, customers can be sure their calls will get through every time, and they get the same or better level of service than before, even though our staff are no longer located in the same office.”


“ Now that more people are working from home, it’s essential that everyone can connect to all of our main infrastructure. The new GoToConnect phone system has been a revelation to us, and now that we’ve experienced the convenience it brings, we would never go back. It’s a modern, joined-up communication system, which is tailor made for the way people are working today.”

Mark Kelland Commercial Manager, Dragon2000

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