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Top 10 Features of the Mitel MiCloud Connect Phone System

If you’re in the process of considering a new telephony solution, the number of options can be mind-boggling! To keep things simple, here are the top 10 features of Mitel’s MiCloud Connect phone system:

1) Unified Communications

For those still unfamiliar with this term, Unified Communications is the integration of telephony and PC, allowing users to make calls from their desktop and much, much more. The MiCloud Connect Client provides you with a Directory, so you can make calls from your PC, see who is calling you and for internal users, also check whether a colleague is likely to be free before getting in touch with them. These features are great for productivity, allowing you to dial at the click of a button instead of having to search around for contact numbers. And if a colleague is away from their desk, why not send them a voice message or instant message to their PC using the MiCloud Connect Client?


2) Presence

The MiCloud Connect Client also allows you to set your availability state (also known as Presence) – so if you’re in a meeting your colleagues can see this from their Client software and what’s more, you can control what happens to your calls when you’re away from your desk. No more missed calls and lost opportunities! Presence also allows you to see at a glance whether colleagues are free to talk or if you should use another of MiCloud Connect’s great tools to get in touch with them!

3) Collaboration

If the prospect of Unified Communications was an exciting one for your business, you’re going to love Collaboration. The MiCloud Connect phone system takes teamwork to another level! Until recently, it would’ve been perfectly normal for organisations with multiple sites to have to travel to meet up and have discussions. MiCloud Connect allows businesses to scrap that lengthy and expensive travel time and have meetings ad hoc, across site whenever it’s required. Video and screen-sharing mean that you may be in different offices or indeed countries, but all parties are involved and engaged.

4) Integration 

If your business is already using software such as Salesforce, Netsuite or Zendesk (the list does go on….), the MiCloud Connect Client offers full integration. This allows you to capture interactions with your clients and increase productivity. You can identify your callers, so when your important contacts get in touch, you know exactly how to respond and their account details are immediately to hand. No more flustering trying to search for details whilst carrying out a conversation with an important lead.

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5) User experience

For many businesses, one of the important aspects of implementing a new solution is ensuring staff are kept happy. The MiCloud Connect client is unobtrusive and can be personalised. The control panel is slim, and can be compressed to fit users’ needs. It’s there when you need it but won’t dominate the desktop when you don’t. The Dashboard includes all the vital features so everything you might need is to hand. Everyday interactions are easier than ever with instant messaging, voicemail and web conferencing.

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6) High-end phones

Since the introduction of Unified Communications, there often isn’t much focus on the handsets themselves but Mitel’s range of phones are guaranteed to impress!

There are several options available for MiCloud Connect customers; the 6940, 6930 and the 6920 IP phones are all feature-rich handsets. Whether you want a colour touch display and programmable keys, or a simple deskphone for a public area, there’s something to suit every type of user.

The phones have intuitive menus and dynamic softkeys so if you’re mid-call you’ll be offered sensible options for how you might like to proceed. The 6940 IP phone even has a Bluetooth cordless handset as standard and Mobile device integration, along with a USB port to charge your mobile device.

Standard features such as transferring and holding calls are of course included on all phones in the range along with ad-hoc conferencing and intercom facility. A full-duplex speaker and headset jack come as standard and the phones have a sleek design which would look great on any desk. 


7) Speedy installation

One of the fantastic features of the MiCloud Connect system is that it is super speedy to install. The phones are plug-and-play so the transition from your old solution will not be at all painful. There won’t be engineers loitering around your desk demanding cups of tea but there will be an expert on-hand making sure everything runs smoothly, offering training and support where needed.

Phones include a “Help” button so if you have a query post-install, you can get in touch with someone who can assist. This Mitel service is offered 24/7 for ALL customers at no extra charge.

8) Simple maintenance

The MiCloud Connect portal is a browser-based administrative interface allowing your IT team or administrator to maintain the system with little assistance. There is no tricky software to install or connections to make. The portal allows you to make changes to your setup such as user permissions and name changes. This is also where you go to download your invoices and keep track of your billing – all in one place and super easy to use!

Mitel MiCloud Portal

9) Service Level Agreement

One of the concerns many businesses have when moving to the Cloud is reliability. With Mitel, the cloud phone services are backed by their Service Level Agreement. In the unlikely event of a disaster, the MiCloud Connect disaster recovery process migrates service to a redundant data centre in a different location. This means you don’t have to be the one worrying about phones going down and your business being unreachable.

10) Flexibility

An undoubted benefit of moving to the Cloud is that there is no major outlay. The MiCloud Connect solution is billed for monthly so you simply need to choose the bundles you need and the handset required. The pricing is simple and the licensing is flexible, so you only need pay for features you actually want. The solution is easily scalable meaning that when your business need changes, it can change with you with minimal fuss.

 Look no further, the perfect telephony solution for your business.




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