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If you haven’t heard about SoGEA already then I’m pretty sure you will be hearing a lot about it over the coming months. By the end of December 2025, BT will be switching off PSTN and ISDN (analogue and digital lines). Most businesses (and indeed residential customers) rely on PSTN in some way or another, most commonly for fibre (FTTC) or broadband. With PSTN no longer being available, a new product had to be designed.

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access and is effectively FTTC with no need for an analogue line. It offers the same performance and availability as FTTC but comes with some advantages:

  • Lower monthly costs
  • Futureproofed connectivity
  • One single provider
  • Quicker and easier order journey

shutterstock_1716141235It will come with two options for installation – Self install, or Managed. Self install is recommended for customers who already have a circuit in place. For those customers with no existing infrastructure, or those wishing to pay for somebody to come and do the leg-work, a Managed installation is required at a small cost.

There are two trial exchanges, Mildenhall and Salisbury, who will be taking the plunge first, followed by another 118 exchanges by September 2023, and the remaining exchanges in 2025.

We will keep you updated as we know more, and will be in touch with our clients to discuss the process to get moved across in due course.

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